1. Can Höganäs Bruk’s products be used directly, or do they have to be pre-treated?
    All Carl Victor products are ready for immediate use. This is because the cast iron has become instinctive in vegetable oil during production.
  2. Can you use Höganäs Bruk’s products on an induction hob?
    All Höganäs Mill products are optimal for use on induction. This is because pots, pans and pans have a “Sandwish bottom” is a very magnetic material.
  3. What is the Sandwish bottom?
    The sandwich bottom means that the pan bottom is made of several different materials that are in stock. In the middle is a magnetic layer that allows the pan to be used on an induction hob.
  4. Do Höganäs Bruk’s products work on all types of stoves?
    YES! Höganäs Bruk’s products work on all types of stoves. (If it works on Induction, it works on everything else).
  5. Can you put Höganäs Bruk’s products in the oven?
    YES! Höganäs Bruk’s products work in an oven.
  6. What is stainless steel?
    Stainless steel is a metal mixture formed from various alloying elements. The main part consists of iron and the most important alloying elements are chromium and nickel which help to prevent corrosion, ie corrosion of the metal surface. All Höganäs Mill products have the highest stainless quality 18/10.
  7. What is meant by 18/10?
    18/10 is the designation of the steel and is determined by the content of the alloy, see question 6.
  8. Why is it so good to use Höganäs Bruk’s products?
    Höganäs Bruk’s products are professional products that are primarily used in restaurant kitchens. They conduct and keep heat even and good, which also leads to a very energy-efficient cooking.
  9. Is it useful to use Höganäs Bruk’s products?
    Höganäs Bruk’s products are manufactured without any addition of chemicals or other toxic substances.
  10. The food burns – why and what can I do?
    There is nothing in these substances that causes food to burn or stick if the temperature is not too high or if you do not use fat that is not intended for cooking. Some fats and oils are not intended for cooking, e.g. some sandwich margarines.
    The correct frying temperature (regardless of vessel) is between + 180 ° -200C °.
    In case of burnt food – fill the vessels with warm water and let stand for a while
  11. What tools can be used in stainless steel?
    All, however, one should be vigilant on utensils made of plastic material, as they can melt at too high a heat.
  12. Can you wash Höganäs Bruk’s products in Dishwasher?